Art on Site was a three week public exhibition in a San Francisco residence being renovated for sale. It was at the very height of the dot-com bubble, housing was at a premium and politically charged.
telescope, television, live video camera
A small brass telescope sits on the kitchen counter, aimed out the window toward a dilapidated carriage house, where the pale blue rectangle of a television set glows. Peer through the telescope to find that it is your own image on the television set.
live microphones, speakers
The open door of an interior closet reveals a dark, private, empty space. A pull chain dangles from a bare light bulb just inside the doorway. Pull the chain, and the light bulb fills the room with light and . . . sound - live sound, from the front of the house: cars rumbling by, people talking, birds whistling, kids shouting and squealing, paper and cardboard scraping across the sidewalk, the creak of the front gate and the thumping of footfalls that grows louder as visitors come up the front steps.
The Wall Street Journal
Two adjacent kitchen drawers are slightly open. These compartments, places normally used for storing the tools for preparing and consuming family meals, are lined with the NASDAQ stock market pages of The Wall Street Journal.
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