Bring the University of Oxford’s historic musical instruments to life.
Play an Amati violin by moving your arm in a bowing motion. Blow into the microphone to sound the Beale Trumpet, once belonging to the trumpeter to Oliver Cromwell. Play the iconic Bressan Recorder from 1720, and pluck the strings of an 18th century guitar.
re-sOUnd presents instruments from the Bate Collection of Musical Instruments and the Ashmolean museum. Each instrument was taken out of its case and recorded in the studio. Unique interfaces utilising sensors and the touchscreen enable you to easily play in tune even if you’ve never touched an instrument before.
- learn about the history of each instrument
- listen to skilled musicians playing them
- play in tune with simple actions using EZ mode
- play bespoke interfaces designed to mimic the real instruments
- play in Matrix mode by moving your finger across a grid with pitch in the x direction and volume in the y
- play each instrument with a piano interface.
- discover how to play every available note with the note guide
This app features instruments from the University of Oxford's Bate Collection of Musical Instruments and the Ashmolean Museum. It was funded by the University's IT Innovation Fund and developed by IT Services in collaboration with the Music Faculty.
The app uses native iOS audio and MiDi frameworks to create a Cordova plugin. The instrument interfaces were be built in javascript and compiled with Cordova to enable future cross-platform development.
Collaborators: Andrew Lamb, Andrew Haith, Markos Ntoumpanakis, Colin Harrison, Sarah Casey, Andrew Merideth, Daniel Hume and Tom Kinsella.
Musicians: Isabelle Carré, Fatima Lahham, Pamela Rosenfeld, David Edwards, Anneke Scott, Susan Heinrich, Matthew Reese, Tom Dixon, Stephen Greenslade, and George Haggett.
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