Featuring a powerful combination of bite-sized audio stories, animation and video explanations, and interactive demonstrations, Pocket Curator puts expert museum knowledge in the palm of your hand.
This first release of Pocket Curator offers information on seven objects spread across the three floors of the museum, including the famous ‘Einstein’s blackboard’ and equipment used by radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi in his first demonstration of wireless.
Using the sensors on the device, image recognition, and bluetooth, the activities in the app provide unique interactions with the objects in the galleries.
Pocket Curator grew out of the Hidden Museum project, a design-based research project to make context-specific museum content available on visitor’s mobile devices. In this way, narratives and interpretations that are either absent or somewhat hidden in a museum’s displays might be revealed. The use of digital content allows for different types of interpretation to be attached to objects or locations, enriching a visitor’s experience and understanding of a museum’s collections and building.
Collaborators: Jessica Suess, Scott Billings, Andrew Haith, Markos Ntoumpanakis, Joseph Talbot, Mia Ridge, Stephen Johnston
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