Theodore Koterwas is an artist and musician working with the science of perception, data, sound, video and physical phenomena to make things resonate. He seeks to draw attention to and critically examine aspects of daily experience that often go unnoticed but profoundly impact on how we understand ourselves, others and our relationships with technology and the environment.

"Waves" of fake, AI-generated tide pool images wash over real tide pool images sequentially across multiple screens and connected devices

As stars die they send out cosmic rays, which bombard and pass through us invisibly. The installation Somewhere In the Universe it Rains Diamonds (Aether) makes them visceral.

An Artificial Intelligence trained on the handwriting of astronomers tirelessly scrawls data from stellar events onto a dusty wall of graphite.

Skin | Wood | Iron listens. When someone in the world tweets one of these words, it plays it as a rhythm using the corresponding sound

Electromechanical birds flock to the latest retweets and verify each other's movements on a “flock”-chain.

If we can look at people and barely notice them change into others, what does that say about how we really see them?

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