Creative Direction

Smartphone app brings the University of Oxford's Musical Instrument Collections to life by providing playable versions of the instruments.

Unlock the secrets of scientific instruments and artefacts at the Museum of the History of the Science.

Cabinet is an online platform for teaching with objects.

Web apps supporting numismatics research

An iBeacon powered scavenger hunt through the Oxford University Museum of Natural History around themes of evolution.

Mobile web app for the Museums with information, events, floor plans and audio guides.

Website providing an interactive, searchable map of the University of Oxford.

iPad app for BSG students to access timetabling, reading materials, and library availability in support of the Master of Public Policy course.

Change Blindness is a museum installation in which nothing seems to happen but everything changes.

Website promoting the school, its events, and scholarship to the public and prospective students.

Additional projects:

Museum visitors use an eye tracker to trace their rapid eye movements.